Commercial Roof Installation

Installing a commercial roof takes proper training and a close attention to detail. There are a lot of factors involved with the installation of a commercial roof, and that process is very different than installing a residential roof. Palmetto Outdoor Solutions has a wealth of experience installing all different types of commercial roofing.

When installing a commercial roof, we make sure to cover all of the following steps:

Ensure proper drainage – The installation of a commercial roof needs to consider how and where water will be drained. That means attending to areas, such as gutters, scuppers and downspouts. A failure to ensure proper drainage will result in unintentional water retention on a roof. This additional weight can take its toll on the internal structure of a roof over the course of time. At Palmetto Outdoor Solutions, we install all commercial roofs with adequate drainage to prevent any future problems.


Strengthen membrane

Also referred to as the waterproof layer, the membrane must be strengthened to keep water out. Our trained roofing technicians will examine the entire membrane and repair any vulnerable patches or simply replace large portions. Water that gets through the membrane could prove to be very damaging. 

Seal penetrations

One a commercial roof, it is common to see penetrations, such as HVAC units, pipes and drains. These penetrations actually protrude from the membrane. Over the course of time, penetrations can become susceptible to leaks. That means they need to be adequately sealed during the installation process to prevent such issues from ever occurring.


We offer differnt Types of commercial roof options avalible for installation.


asphalt shingles



roof coatings

and more.

Large scale project? We'll work with you to lay out a timeline of the construction process.


Take a look at some of the commercial spaces we've provided roof installation services for:

New Construction

Retail Stores

Industrial Buildings


Medical Buildings

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions is ready to provide you with commercial roof installation in Columbia, SC, Rock Hill SC. We also provide commercial roof installation in Charlotte, NC.