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  • Roofing Repair

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A team of experienced professions dedicated to providing our community with affordable roofing repair services.

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  • Temperature Change

    Each day the temperatures fluctuates and causes the roofing materials to slightly expand and contract.  As such, temperature change causes daily micro-stresses on your roof which may lead to unexpected roof issues by subtly weakening the material integrity and overall build quality of the roof. 

  • Heavy Rain

    Roof leaks don't happen without rain, and a heavy rain storm could reveal where those leaks have been hiding. You don't have to wait for the rain for a free inspection; that's why we're here.

  • Hail Damage

    No one anticipates a thousand little ice rocks being dropped on their roof. If it happens to you; the larger the hail size, the more likelihood of localized roof damage.

  • High Winds

    From falling debris, to flying debris and shingle wind shearing, High gusts of wind can be a major instigator for roof damage. If you're worried your roof may have received some wind damage, call us for a free inspection.   

  • Palmetto Outdoor Solutions

    We're a team of experienced professions dedicated to providing our community with affordable roofing repair services. Call us today and get life back to normal.

Damaged roofs can lead to more issues if they're not repaired.

Water Leaks

Ceilings stains 

Structural deterioration

Mold Damage

Mildew Damage

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Expert Residential Roof Repair

 There are plenty of homes that need roof repair because the previous installation was done incorrectly. Improper roof installation is a common cause for repairs. That’s why it does not pay to go with a roofing contractor who cuts corners or dramatically slashes prices. A roof protects you and your family, which is why only trained and reputable professionals should be entrusted with its maintenance.
Residential roofs often have a lot of different pitches, making the repair process a more complex undertaking. And when you choose Palmetto Outdoor Solutions, we will go above and beyond what is required by state code. It is our mission to make sure the integrity of your roof is intact. When conducting residential roof repair, there are the following elements to contend with:

All roofs can be topped with different materials, such as asphalt, cedar shake, slate and other types. Our team of roofers is experienced navigating the different kinds of residential roofs as well as how to repair the specific materials that are used. This process can save homeowners lots of money as costs can quickly accumulate with the alternative of roof replacement.

When it comes time for residential roof repair in Columbia, SC or Rock Hill, contact the team at Palmetto Outdoor Solutions. We also specialize in residential roof repair in Charlotte, NC.