Workers on high roof are replacing old shingles.

Residential Roofing Services

We have built up years of experience installing, repairing and replacing roofs on all types of homes.

The first signs of trouble do not automatically point to the need for a new roof. Many problems can be fixed with minor roof repair, which typically costs just a fraction of what you pay for roof replacement.

Roofing inspections help you make an informed decision. 

Roofer builder worker installing shingles on a new wooden roof with skylight

Residential Roof Repair

A team of experienced professions dedicated to providing our community with affordable roofing repair services.


A roof protects you and your family, which is why only trained and reputable professionals should be entrusted with its maintenance.

When you choose Palmetto Outdoor Solutions, we will go above and beyond what is required by state code.


Residential Roof Replacement

Many homeowners will one day be faced with the decision of whether they should replace or repair their roof.

In some cases, repair may be out of the question as age may have finally had its way with your roof.

A routine roofing inspections helps prevent the need for a full roof replacement, but eventually a roof may need to be replaced. 


Residential Roof Installation

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions treats every home with extra special care when conducting our residential roof installation. 

Protect your home – We put up all the necessary safety equipment. We will cover the exterior of your home and also protect all the landscaping down below.

Remove old roof – Our team carefully takes off your old roof and disposes it into a dumpster which we will haul away. All the remnants of your old roof will be gone without you having to do a thing.


Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial roofing is often very different from residential roofing and it takes an experienced professional to get the job done right.

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions has a team of roofers with years of experience working in the commercial sector.

We are available to take care of any kind of roofing projects for all types of businesses.


Commercial Roof Replacement

Often a major business decision, which means property owners should be absolutely certain this is the best option.

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions can help with that decision as we provide estimates and assessments that keep our clients’ best interests in mind.

We will take a look at your roof and then make suggestions on the best and most affordable solutions.


Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair is not conducted the same way as roof repair is done on residential homes.

There are also different warning signs to look for when determining whether or not commercial roof repair is needed.

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions offers commercial roof repair on all different buildings as we have the experience and training to provide an immediate fix.


Commercial Roof Installation

Installing a commercial roof takes proper training and a close attention to detail.

There are a lot of factors involved with the installation of a commercial roof, and that process is very different than installing a residential roof.

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions has a wealth of experience installing all different types of commercial roofing.


Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters are quickly becoming a very popular choice among homeowners.These gutters are very efficient since no seams mean less of a chance for leaks.That makes the installation of these gutters very important.

The right installation could mean that you won’t have to worry about your gutters any longer.

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions has everything to make sure your seamless gutters are installed correctly, while relying on years of experience and expertise.



The right siding can make all the difference when it comes to a home’s appearance.

Our Siding Services serves to not only help your home become more energy efficient but it also servers to protect your home from harsh weather. 

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