Residential Roof Replacement

Home Roof Replacement Services In Rock Hill SCMany homeowners will one day be faced with the decision of whether they should replace or repair their roof. In some cases, repair may be out of the question as age may have finally had its way with your roof. When the decision to replace a residential roof is finally made, there are some other factors to consider.

  • Cost – It is important to know what kind of budget you are working with when it comes to roof replacement. When that is determined, we can present different roof replacement solutions.
  • Durability – It’s important to select a roof that stands up to the conditions. Our team of roofing specialists will explain the pros and cons with each option and how different roofing materials fare against weather, age and sunlight.
  • Appearance – Some roofing choices have a more aesthetic appeal while others clash with the façade of your home. When you decide how you want your roof to look, we can start presenting you with a variety of options.

When To Choose Full Replacement Over Partial Repair

Residential roof replacement may initially seem like a costly expense. But over the course of time, it can actually be a cheaper option than repair. If there is a decent-sized portion of your roof that has become damaged, the option of repair will still tally up a number of costs. There will be a need to pay for the cost of materials, as well as the cost of a crew that has to do the same preparation it would during a roof replacement.

There is also no guarantee that another part of the roof will not incur further damage. Also, keep in mind that there is not one, but two layers of roofing. That means the roofing team will still have to pull up those layers when doing a partial job. That means higher labor costs. And it is also probable that your replacement shingles will not be an exact match and that will take away from the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Dealing with Damage

No season of the year is completely free from Mother Nature. That means residential homes in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas are one storm away from a lot of damage. A roof is one of the most common parts of a residential home that is damage during inclement weather. Sometimes, the damage to a rood is minimal, although there are many occasions when replacement is needed. A look at some of the damage could be a prime indicator that replacement of your roof is necessary, and they are as follows:

  • Significant water damage
  • Damage to residential structure
  • Energy loss
  • Mold and mildew buildup

It is important to act quickly when assessing the damage to a roof. Prolonging the repair or replacement process could lead to additional damage. If there has been a major storm that has caused damage, it is best to contact your nearby residential service that specializes in replacement. Your roof is too important to the integrity of your home. Don’t delay, even if replacement is not necessary. Making the right repairs could be just as crucial.

Warning Signs & Things To Pay Attention To

There are plenty of obvious signs that present themselves when it is time to replace your roof. It does not always take years of experience to know when it is time for a new roof. Some issues may be a little more difficult to identify for homeowners, although here are some telling signs that replacing a roof is in your future.

  • Aged roof – There is no remedy for a roof that is very old. The wear and tear of weather and time are going to catch up with all residential types of roofs. If your roof is topped with asphalt shingles, the typical life span is 15 years. And if an older roof has been repaired with overlaying, which consists of installing new shingles overtop an old roof, then that is not an adequate repeat solution. There could be a myriad of issues beneath the original roof shingles.
  • Curling shingles – The natural elements can take their toll on a roof. Years of exposure to rain, wind, heat and snow can wear down shingles. That can cause the shingles to curl upward in a process known as curling. It is visible and when that diagnosis is made, replacement is typically in order. Residential homes are not protected from Mother Nature and curling is a sign that the weather has done a number of your roof.
  • Flashing damage – On a residential home, flashing is used to prevent moisture from making its way into your roof. It is located throughout the rooftop. Flashing is made of all different materials as some older types consist of tar and cement while more of the newer flashing consists of metal. When flashing is dislodged or damaged, water can seep into a roof and quickly cause the need for replacement.
  • Ice dams – An ice dam is the term used to describe ridges or blocks of ice near the edge of a roof. This is usually a sign of a ventilation issue. Attics and open spaces right beneath the roof need to be properly ventilated. If they are not, then water gets inside the layers of a roof, which can lead to substantial damage. If the ice dams persist, then replacement becomes pretty much inevitable.

There are ways to avoid the need for replacement and that requires homeowners to maintain their roof on a year-to-year basis. Buying a roof with a warranty, keeping overhanging trees trimmed and conducting regular inspections are a few ways that residential homeowners can stay away from having to replace their roof.

Making A Smart Choice, Backed By Experience & Setup By Professionals

Residential roof repair is a smart option that is particularly advantageous for homeowners with older roofs. Why take a chance on having to make one repair after the other when you can have a brand new roof, which will raise the value of your home.

When it comes time for residential roof replacement in Columbia, SC, contact the roofing team at Palmetto Roofing Siding Gutters. We also provide complete residential roof repair in Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC.