Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement ServicesCommercial roof replacement is often a major business decision, which means property owners should be absolutely certain this is the best option. Palmetto Roofing Siding Gutters can help with that decision as we provide estimates and assessments that keep our clients’ best interests in mind. We will take a look at your roof and then make suggestions on the best and most affordable solutions.

Some property owners may be hesitant to committing to commercial roof replacement as it could mean a significant payout for this type of service. However, it is an investment in the business.

The roof is ultimately what protects a business, which is why it is important to ensure everything is safe and secure. Cutting corners with roof repair could do a lot of damage to an overall business as operations could desist altogether if a major roofing problem occurs.

Methods of commercial roof replacement

There are different ways of conducting roof replacement and we will choose the most appropriate one for your situation. After a careful analysis, our roofing experts will decide on one of the two options:

  • Re-roofing – This process consists of laying a new roof overtop the old one. This is a cheaper option, particularly if the pre-existing insulation is intact. This may also be considered more eco-friendly as there will be no need to transport the old roof debris to a landfill.
  • Tear-off – This option is a little pricier because it involves completely removing the old roof. However, if the existing roof is in very poor condition, then it will need to be removed. There is just no way to get around a buildup of moisture or rotting wood.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to roof replacement as the roof could even be a place for foot traffic. Companies who expect to be in a specific location for an extended period of time benefit a great deal from roof replacement. Meanwhile, building codes, budgeting, and the roof materials all play a big part in deciding for or against roof replacement.

The friendly team of roofing professionals at Palmetto Roofing Siding Gutters are always willing to share their expertise with potential clients. We can explain all the details of roof replacement and share the pros and cons of all the existing options.

Palmetto Roofing Siding Gutters is ready to provide your business with commercial roof replacement in Columbia, SC, Rock Hill, SC and we also provide roof repair in Charlotte, NC.